Edgewater Hotel Union Rat Seattle 2005

Edgewater Hotel Union Rat Seattle 2005

Honestly I didn’t think I had a good picture of the Edgewater Hotel Union Rat. I know years ago when I looked all I could find were shots from across the street. Today while looking through some older pictures for something entirely different. I came across this photo showing the blowup rat. A lot of people are probably familiar with this icon or at least have seen similar rats. The photo was taken in Seattle 2005. The Union workers were protesting renovation work being done at the Edgewater Hotel by at least one non union company.

In 2005 I actually wrote 2 articles in regards to the Edgewater Hotel rat. When I moved to a new hosting provider those articles got blundered up pretty badly – I’ve never gotten around to fully fixing that situation.

When I decided to revisit this subject today I was unaware of efforts to unionize Seattle hotel workers in recent months. I just came across some articles from this year on that.

Our last visit to Seattle was in 2008. We stayed at The Edgewater Hotel for the third year in a row. The first time we ventured to the Edgewater was in 2005.

The union worker looks upset with me for taking the picture. Little does he know six years later I’m still promoting his cause. Wonder how he’d feel about the photo now?

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