Amtrak Union Station Chicago

My Amtrak experience has not been the greatest to this point. I'm not feeling well and having to carry multiple bags on my own. Currently I'm sitting in the south gate lobby for the next four hours. I've not had anything to eat today yet. Didn't feel like going to the diner car on the first train. My next stop will be Washington DC. From there it will be on to Orlando. I may end up and rent a locker and go look for something to eat. Not sure at this point. All I can say is that I can see why many people find traveling a hassle. Especially when trying to do so by train in the United States. Chicago is currently under a tornado warning according to the local news.

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Update – rented a large locker for four dollars and gave my thumb print for the second time today. Grabbed some fast food after taking some quick pictures of downtown Chicago. Now I just have the long wait for my next train. This place is a zoo right now. No table to put the laptop on – so it's hard to type. 

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