Back home from Florida trip

I've been back home from Florida since Saturday. I didn't think that I would feel any ill effects from my trip. However I must have had a a serious case of train lag when I got home. Then again it could have just been the weather. Getting down to Florida and back was an adventure that at times was not pleasant. During my travels I met some interesting people and some downright scary people. When I got home I found out that when Insight relayed our cable line that it didn't go to well. So an Insight employee had to come back out and rerun a new line. Which hasn't been buried yet.

I also found out that Microsoft has sent me a certified letter. Cheryl couldn't get a hold of this do to our post office hours. I'm sure this is something in regards to a recent article I wrote before I left for Florida. It'll be interesting to see if I will be having to stand my ground to some RIAA tactics from the operating system giant. Over the next few days I'll be cleaning off this hard drive and doing a clean install of Vista. Yes the Vista DVD is a legal version bought from a well known retailer. I'm currently running this machine in trial mode until I can get things cleaned off it. I may break down and just buy another hard drive. But Honestly I think I should avoid that and just get things burnt to DVD. My allergies are acting up since getting home. It doesn't help that I just got done mowing our lawn. Being very careful to avoid the Insight cable line that is lying in the yard. Hopefully I'll be catching up on things here the next few days. I have some pictures I'd like to get live and many articles I'd like to get written.

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