Should you really get this close to a wild Illinois deer

If you have lived in Illinois the past couple of years. You should be more than aware of the stories about when deer attack. That situation supposedly has been resolved with the killing of one deer.

However the question remains should you really ever risk getting this close to a wild animal? At no time did I approach this animal this closely. I had a good distance between myself and the creature. As time past and I continued taking pictures deer became comfortable with me. After deciding I wasn’t a threat – animal kept a cautious eye on me but kept approaching.

Earlier in evening I got some great shots of another deer. Although second time around that creature decided it had enough of my company and bolted off. Deer pictured above had no such reservations until I decided to back off and head home. Even though I was backing away very slowly it took a minor aggressive stance. That only lasted a few seconds until deer realized I was no threat and was leaving.

While I wouldn’t advise approaching any wild animal this closely. I’m very happy with end results. Some might argue it isn’t good to have wild creatures get used to human contact. All I can say is if you’re going to take pictures of a wild animal try to use caution and some common sense. This photo was taken in later part of evening at Lincoln Memorial Gardens Springfield Illinois.

I didn’t have my camera out and ready when a deer was in middle of road in another part of Illinois that evening. So of course I missed some great pictures there. Keep in mind – photo above was not zoomed in. I was only a couple feet away from this animal at time photo was taken.

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