Time to bring the Japanese Beetle traps inside

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Time to bring the Japanese Beetle traps inside

It’s actually past time to bring the Japanese Beetle traps inside. Not literally into your house but a garage, storage shed or some other appropriate place. In late August the Japanese Beetles started heading towards soil to lay eggs. With the heat wave we experienced and being busy with other things I didn’t get outside to remove our two Japanese Beetle traps. I have emptied the bags several times since placing them.

Because of the heat and finances I haven’t applied Milky Spore for the Fall. Some online instructions for Milky Spore state to apply the product in mild weather. The actual Milky Spore box states it can be applied any time the ground is not frozen.

Any Japanese Beetles that survived the traps will feed for the next few months. If Milky Spore is applied they will ingest this spore which will at some point cause the Japanese Beetles to explode. This process disperses the spore throughout the soil.

According to the box picture above there is no mess with Japanese Beetle traps. This isn’t entirely true. Dead Japanese Beetles tend to leak. These secretions do exit from holes in the bottom of the bag. There is also a very awful smell these destructive bugs give off when they have expired.

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