DSLReports BroadBandReports down do to power failure

You would think someone would have an idea about redundancy in the world of technology by now. But even in this day and age it seems as if that concept is still a foreign one. Not sure why some type of business level UPS was not in place. I thought major data centers all had generators. Guess I was wrong.

Thu Jun 21 21:58:42 EDT 2007
DSLR is offline at the moment, total power failure at the data center (www.nac.net) an hour ago means we have
to bring servers up individually, and check for errors.

Uninterruptible Power Supply ( UPS ) do you have one – Iggy Uncensored

Thu Jun 21 23:09:54 EDT 2007
Looks like this is going to take hours to sort out and we're off to do an all nighter at the data center 🙁

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