It’s official I’m attending BlogHer ’07

It's official I'm attending BlogHer '07. The only question now that I have purchased my ticket is what accommodations will I be selecting. The choices are Hostelling International Chicago HI and Chicago City Centre. The hostel would be much cheaper. Chicago City Centre will run about $945 after taxes and fees. It is closer to the event than the hostel though. I'm sure I would have a much more comfortable experience there as well. But your looking at a difference of spending almost a $1000 for comfort or spending about $150 and being unhappy. Our budget is always tight especially this time of year. We still have to book The Edgewater for Gnomedex and our rooms coming back home from Seattle. So I'm leaning towards the hostel do to economics. I really wish there was an option somewhere in the middle. That option doesn't exist though.

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