I’ll be staying at the Chicago City Centre Hotel for BlogHer 07

Well the hostile lost out for many reasons. There being no BlogHer supported shuttle to the conference daily was one key reason I chose to spend the extra money for a hotel. That and if I miss the official shuttle I'll at least be close enough to walk to the Navy Pier without needing a hospital visit. Interestingly enough the Chicago City Centre Hotel doesn't offer pick up at the Union Station Chicago where Amtrak and the Metra is located. I'm sure they offer an airport shuttle. But they won't offer to pickup guest that are coming in at a closer location to the hotel. Mindboggling if you ask me. I'm spending all this money to stay at this hotel for four days and I have to take a cab? The Edgewater in Seattle would pick me up from the Amtrak station I bet. I'm taking the Amtrak up on Thursday July 26th and coming home on Monday July 30th.

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