Have you had a Krekel Burger lately

In the past I've talked about some of the history of Krekel's Kustard. I've seen a few searches leading people to this site in regards to that long time Illinois classic. So I'll do a recap of some the previous articles related to Krekel's. Last time I was by the Wood St. location in Decatur, IL it was closed for remodeling. I've not been back that way since that time. Cheryl and I do eat at the Pawnee location on a regular basis. During my Uncle David's funeral procession. We saw the world famous Chicken Cars parked out in front of the Mount Zion Krekel's.

World Famous Krekel's Kustard – photo – Iggy Uncensored

Krekel's Kustard Wood St Decatur, IL – Iggy Uncensored

All the Krekel's locations I'm currently aware of are listed in the article below. Along with addresses and phone numbers for each location.

Krekel's Custard & Hamburgers opening in Pawnee IL May 23, 2005 Photos Iggy Uncensored

Krekel's Custard and Hamburgers – Springfield IL – Iggy Uncensored

Krekel's Custard Menu Photos  Iggy Uncensored

This site got mentioned in the State Journal Register yesterday – Iggy Uncensored

Carroll Shelby Cobra CSX4000 at Pawnee Krekels – Iggy Uncensored

Ten Buck Tammy ยป Central Illinois secrets Herald and Review Decatur IL

midday grace Grace Uncensored

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