Lamb with garlic rosemary lavender grape seed oil

Made a package of Knob Hill Livestock Company lamb chops with Wow Organic Garlic, Crystal City rosemary & lavender all mixed in grape seed oil. Baked with potatoes at 350 degrees for hour and 5 minutes. In the future we have to get an extra chop package or choose a different cut of lamb. Although the portion size looked like it would be a meal for two it turned out to be closer to 1 or 1 1/2 person meal. The lamb and potatoes had good flavor after cooking in the herbal mix.

All the products to create this meal were purchased at Old State Capitol Farmers Market held 2 times a week in downtown Springfield Illinois. No matter where you make your food purchases – meat is normally the most expensive part of the meal. Buying herbs even in small amounts is a good way to save money without compromising on taste. For very little cash you can purchase products that will help produce multiple meals.

If you find a vendor who grows their herbs organically without pesticides you’re on your way to eating a bit healthier. Moving away from processed pre-packaged foods is another way to a more healthy diet. With all the food scares in recent years it’s also nice to have a better idea of who produces your food.

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