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There are many things that frustrate me on a daily basis. But something that really gets me upset is when I have what I feel is an answer that will help someone with their question. Yet I have no way to reply to that question. Yes I went through the hassle of setting up an account for the Blogher website. Shouldn't this have been setup when I purchased my ticket to attend the conference? I see other forum threads that have an area to place a comment. However the one I want to comment in doesn't seem to include this area. So how is someone suppose to interact and offer suggestions? I tried the contact option in their profile. For privacy reasons I'm sure they aren't accepting email. I see no option to send an IM through the website. BroadbandReports has offered this option for a number of years. You can in fact choose who you accept messages from. The point being I think I have several good articles on the topic being asked about. Yet I can't take part in the conversation. I'll include a link below to several articles in relation to the subject.

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Mysterious blogging language  BlogHer

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