Are you concerned about who links to you

Are you concerned about who is linking to your work or website? If you disagreed with the content or other material on the site providing the link. Would you ask for the link to be taken down? Or at the very least not provide a link back to that website? I have many sites that I link to that don't provide a courtesy link back. I've never inquired why. Honestly it is up to whoever is running things. I did at one time take issue with Zone Labs not giving links to myself and Don Hoover. This still sticks in my craw to this day. And yes there are few people that I am personally friendly with that over the years haven't helped me get a bit more Google PageRank love. Then again some off those people know so many others their site would be nothing but a link farm if they were being polite to everyone. So the question remains do you have a link policy in use? For me I link to who I want when I want. I don't feel I should be blocked from doing so. The Qumana Blog still gives me a HTTP 403 Forbidden if you travel there from my link under Sites I Read. Absolutely silly. That reminds me – I should remove that link. In the past year it has been brought up that a blogroll may not even be the relevant traffic tool it once was. I'd tend to agree. Especially with the implementation of RSS.

Personally for me at times I link to people I feel I might not like in person. I link to others I know I'm not a big fan of personality wise ( always or at times ). Why do I do this? For multiple reasons. Many times I agree with what the person is writing. In other cases I want to provide an opinion that may not fully agree with mine in an article. This is something I have always stressed on this site. The fact that when you come here to read about a subject. You will in fact get links to other opinions or further information on the topic being discussed. I truly feel that if you take the time to read what I've written and use the links provided. You will in fact learn more about what is being discussed. Everyone is hyping the link blog concept. Funny thing is I've been doing that with my own commentary added for years now. Granted I have been given no credit for doing such. To me linking to someone is about two things. Either I've added a website because I like it or because I feel from to time it has value. If you see a link in an article here it's because I've read it or glanced at it and felt it provides relevance to the discussion. If someone was to analyze these links. I think that person would find I tend to link to a variety of websites. Yes I do focus on some of the more popular ones at times. This isn't to get link love or trackback love so much as it is I read their content and place some value on it.

So when would it be ok – if ever – to ask someone not to link to your website? In the end would this bring on more bad karma than it is worth? Can we really consider the internet an open community if we make rules for who can and can't link to our content? Although I'm all about free choice. Isn't it a bit childish to not link to someone or to take a link down because who is running things on the other side may have offended you? Again I can say I link to a few people I don't think I would like personally, that have written things I find a little less tasteful or maybe somewhat insulting to you average end user. But there are many days these sites have some really good content. Keep in mind the people you may think I'm thinking of above may not be who you would think are on my dislike list.

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