A flower Lincoln Memorial Gardens

A flower Lincoln Memorial Gardens

There is no special reason for posting this. Just doing something a bit different. I’m sure the guy with the big SLR a few weeks back got much better pictures. Because you know according to those types it is impossible to take a good picture without the biggest, baddest and most expensive gear. I think these type of people would rather be shot dead than get caught with a point and shoot in their hands. Unfortunately this type of mentality is prevalent in many parts of the online and geek community. It’s also a major reason people decide not to pursue a hobby or career choice that otherwise might make them happy. To much ego and attitude. The two communities this real shines through in are photography and computer overclockers. With security geeks and a good portion of those that attend conferences coming in a very close second.

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Beginning of a mural at Lincoln Memorial Gardens Prairie Center

Abraham Lincoln mural Lincoln Memorial Garden Prairie Center

In memory of Ruth Christensen

In memory of Sarah Towery and Chip Smith

In honor of Mary and Bill Schnirring’s 50th wedding anniversary

In memory of Charles E and Anne M Foster

Canadian Geese take flight while deer watch

Ultralight flying over Lincoln Memorial Garden

Casio EXILIM Hi-Zoom EX-Z1200 Digital Camera

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