Ginger Bistro Located In The Delmar Loop St. Louis MO

Business has been closed for a number of years now.

Jennifer Chiang co-owner of the Springfield Ginger Asian Bistro had been talking to us about the opening of a St Louis location for sometime. A few weekends ago we finally made a journey to this new place for a meal ( Sunday October 9, 2011 ).

We parked behind the restaurant. Free parking for Delmar Loop businesses is located there. You will also find 15 minute parking for Ginger Bistro take-out customers in the same area. There is a walkway between two buildings that will lead you to the front entrance.

Coming around the corner we saw a few customers seated outside. They were being taken care of by a waiter. This is the person who would provide our service once we got seated inside. Our visit took place late afternoon. When we entered the restaurant looked fairly empty – except for a few customers at the bar to the right of the door. Once the bartender saw us he let us know someone would be right with us.

Our hostess was friendly and we were seated quickly. Ginger Bistro looks like a much larger space than Ginger Asian Bistro in Springfield IL. This is even more apparent when it’s not busy. I read that this location used to be a Blockbuster Video.

From what we could see the only wait staff that afternoon was the one waiter. This led to a slow start of service. To be expected when inside & outside customers are being handled by one person. Our server was friendly and helpful. But a few times you could tell he was busy with customers elsewhere. For us this isn’t to big of an issue. There is a fine balance between good service & showing up at a table to often. Many places have servers working customer tables a bit to heavily. Of course once our server was told we knew Jennifer things did seem to pickup a bit. In fairness I think a table or two may have finished there meals and left – freeing him up for more attention to the remaining customers.

Speaking of Jennifer we never did see her that day. A few employees let her know we were there. But she was keeping busy making sushi for customers – then may have left for family obligations.

So what about the food? It’s slightly different than the what is on the menu here in Springfield. We ordered Loop Trolly Roll & Spicy Salmon Rolls sushi for our starters. For entrees my girlfriend ordered Kung Poa Chicken medium spicy. I went with the Ginger’s Grilled Scallops – these are a smaller size than the large scallops served at Ginger Asian Bistro Springfield. I’m not a fan of onions or peppers so it’s getting harder to order meals when we go out. Every restaurant wants to bombard their dishes with these two items.

For desert my girlfriend went with Chocolate Fusion Pyramid & I chose the Sweet Passion Berry Duo. The berry duo is served the same exact way it is here in Springfield. No green tea ice cream on the menu at Ginger Bistro St Louis. Honestly I’m not sure it’s still a desert option at the location here in town.

Unfortunately all the pictures I took of our meal came out blurry. So I can’t share the visually appealing presentation with you. This is a good reason for another visit.

When we left both employees at the greeting station thanked us and wished us a good night. You’d be surprised how many restaurants miss this simple but important customer service element.

Would we return for another visit? In a heartbeat! Service was good, the food was high quality and enjoyable. Although one St. Louis food blogger had a few nitpicks about the decor – they seem to agree with my opinion of the food. Ginger Bistro St. Louis has a similar design to Springfield’s Ginger Asian Bistro. This could be because Jennifer had a hand in the layout and decorating of both restaurants.

If you like to people watch – be sure to get a front row window seat at Ginger Bistro. The Delmar Loop definitely has an eclectic mix of people. Our window table offered up viewing entertainment throughout our meal.

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