When an Amish man ask to use your cell phone

This is something I had wanted to write about every since I got back from Florida last month. The topic is a good tie in for the subject I just wrote about in regards to the responsibility of photo taking. As far as I'm aware most members of the Amish community are fairly anti-technology. Many in the Amish community feel that having their picture taken is a bad thing. So when I was sitting in Union Station in Chicago taking pictures I tried to be aware of this and not take any photos of the Amish that were present. This took place on my way home from Uncle Chris's funeral in Florida. So imagine my surprise when one of the Amish men came up and asked to use my cell phone. I think he could see the look of confusion in my face. This wasn't my first time being asked to lend out my mobile phone on the trip. That wasn't what had me confused. I've just always been aware that most Amish don't put technology to use. So having one ask me to use the cell phone caught me off guard. They wanted to pay me for using the phone. I told them no. That I had let someone previously use it for free. I also mentioned that there may be a time that I would need someone to be just as nice to me.

From my point of view that story alone is a good one. But this points out how I do try and be aware of who and what I'm photographing. Yes sometimes I honestly don't care. But I don't go out my way to offended anyone or cause an issue most days. If I see kids that I'm not with in a setting I'm taking a picture of. I do try to avoid putting them into the photo. Just as I did in Union Station Chicago with the Amish group.

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