I’m at the Chicago City Centre Hotel for BlogHer

I’ve just now got settled in at the Chicago City Centre Hotel. I saw a few Blogher attendees checking in when I did. They must have assumed since I was male I wasn’t here for the conference. I’m having a feeling this trip is going to be more of a downer than fun. The adventure began this morning with not being able to get onto an actual train. As usual the Amtrak bus service is alive and well. More on that later. The hotel network is $9.95 a day unless you use the free wireless in the lobby. When I asked the desk clerk who provided the service she didn’t know. She was polite and handled check-in quickly. It would have helped if a loud roar of cleaning equipment or whatever it was wouldn’t have been drowning everything out in the lobby. I didn’t have my camera out during the cab ride. It was in the trunk. The cab driver said something about our route being used to film Batman at night. This is my first time attending this conference. It is also the first time I will have a laptop at such an event. I’ll be heading out to Seattle for Gnomedex the day after I get back home.

The internet access here at the Chicago City Centre Hotel is about useless. You can tell their IT department doesn’t have any geeks in it. I’m going to hate to see how bad it gets once all the Blogher attendees get here. At this point I think I could get better internet access at a Chicago crack house than what I’m getting at the hotel currently. Maybe I could go out and enjoy Chicago if this network would stop giving me issues.

From just a simple cruise around the lobby I can see that Blogher will most like have the geek attitudes like Gnomedex. Not holding out much hope at this point for a friendly conference. Especially with me being male.

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