Blogher has no pass for me

So far my Blogher experience has been less than pleasant. Not only is the hotel and the area they are having a conference mixer this evening hot as all get out. There was no pass available for me this evening on the table that had the conference pass. Not to mention the fact that I've already gotten a dose of conference attitude from some attendees. Yes a few have been pleasant enough. But the overall vibe is I should have stayed home. Not to mention the fact that I hate tracked conferences. It's rather funny getting the cold response. Considering I've been at this for a number of years and rub elbows with just as many of the “important” people as some of the other attendees may have. Could be the whole male thing. Keep in mind I didn't make the rules. Men were invited. At least at Gnomedex some of those that attend will drop the holier than thou geek attitude. We will see tomorrow if that is that case with Blogher. So far I'm getting the feeling I should have saved my money and stayed home. Hopefully some of the tracks will worth my time. I'll have to figure out which ones I want to attend tonight. It's interesting that I can't find any mention of tonight's mixer on the Blogher conference website. Another plus for Gnomedex. While private get togethers have taken place in the past at that conference. Mixers for the attendees are in fact announced. It is interesting to see how a conference that bills itself as for all people has many attendees with attitude. Very similar to Gnomedex. The players always look down upon others. Welcome to the world of internet ego. Just goes to show you – people are all the same. They judge people right out the box and keep to their social cliques. This isn't a men versus women thing. It's just the geek attitude that is prevalent in this industry. Either way you can call me a lame party pooper if you want. I'll just stay here in the hotel bar and drink my Guinness and eat my steak.

I'm stilling trying to figure out what the wives of two prominent geeks were raving about in regards to this conference. Because so far I'm just seeing more of the same ole same ole and nothing new. I had to come though. In the past I've asked for a major conference to come to Illinois. So when this one came I had to support it.

Heck the front desk even discriminated against me. I didn't get my Blogher pin when I checked in. Guess because I was a male geek checking in they thought I wouldn't be attending Blogher.

I'm at the Chicago City Centre Hotel for BlogHer – Iggy Uncensored

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