Kill the butter cow and the fat people who eat by it

The Iowa State Fair makes Harry Potter out of butter so now we need to just get rid of the tradition altogether. Everyone is supposed to be eating healthier anyway. So lets make the butter cow out of yogurt or something. And since Iowa the past few years has been creative now we must play follow the leader. I'm not against doing something new. But there is a lot to be said about tradition. That is a concept that keeps getting pushed to the side. It's nice to have tradition. It's not like the butter cow is done the same way each year. The design is different every year it has been on display. I guess it is just easier to ask for change and to insult the people that view the butter cow each year. For the record I very rarely see people stuffing their pie holes when viewing the Illinois State Fair butter cow. Mopping sweat may be the case. Then again the Dairy Building at Illinois State Fair is normally one of the cooler places on the fairgrounds property. Most people I have seen over the years viewing the butter cow are not yawning. Heck most of the families and people are very interested in the sculpture. To the point of making it almost impossible to get a good picture of the artwork each year. The lines are almost always long and these lines aren't just mindless people moving in line like the cattle you find all over the fairgrounds. If your wanting something new. Marla Moo is a different spin on the old butter cow tradition. Either way I took great offense to the recent Kathryn Rem Column Moove along. I'm not against trying something new. Personally I would love for the butter case to be renovated to where you could get a full view picture without the wood structure in the middle. I'm not against new types of sculpture being done. But I am against throwing the traditional butter cow out with the day old bathwater. I also don't feel it is valid or worthwhile to insult the people who enjoy this Illinois State Fair tradition.

Illinois State Fair 2006 butter cow – Iggy Uncensored

Marla Moo the other Illinois State Fair cow 2006 – Iggy Uncensored

2005 Illinois State Fair Butter Cow – Iggy Uncensored

Kathryn Rem Column Moove along – State Journal Register

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