Is ZoneAlarm truly Vista compatible

Is ZoneAlarm truly Vista compatible? Yes the latest version of ZoneAlarm is compatible with the Microsoft Vista operating system. However it is not fully Vista capable. Why? Because just like how many companies handled XP 64 bit. Zone Labs has refused to develop a 64 bit version of ZoneAlarm that is compatible with Vista 64 bit. Even though many people who are running AMD machines are running 64 bit hardware. Zone Labs may feel that this group of people is minimal. I'd argue that this is becoming less and less the case. I currently can not as a Team Z member use any Zone Labs products? Why? Because my desktop and laptop are running 64 bit hardware. So this has made it hard for me to provide software support help within forums and my own website. Recently I installed the latest version of the ZoneAlarm Security Suite on a laptop that was running 32 bit hardware. This was on a clean install of Microsoft Vista Premium 32 bit. There seemed to be no issues in regards to performance. The machine booted up fast. A few times it did seem that ZoneAlarm took a few extra minutes to initialize. But this behavior was not constant. What did annoy me is the default setting is now to not have the ZoneAlarm icon active in the toolbar. I think that many users will feel that ZoneAlarm has not loaded or is not running unless they see this icon. Yes I'm aware some people complained about this icon being active in the past. That is why the option was added years ago to disable the icon and activity alerts it serves up.

What is just as aggravating as Zone Labs dragging their feet on Vista 64 bit is the fact that the company makes you hunt down the ZoneAlarm Vista compatible version. That is right. The Vista compatible version of ZoneAlarm is not included within the current ZoneAlarm history for the various versions. Unless you come across a special forum thread in the ZoneAlarm forum. Or unless you come across a special link to lead you to this download you won't even know it exist. The current version linked within the ZoneAlarm history page is NOT Vista compatible. Why Zone Labs has things setup this way at this point is beyond me. This confuses me just as much as their decision to finally release a Vista compatible build almost 6 or 7 months after the release of Microsoft's latest operating system. My question is this – can Zone Labs really claim Vista compatibility when the software is only capable of working with one flavor of Microsoft Vista? Granted Zone Labs isn't the only company we could ask this question of. Even with that taken into consideration. I don't feel you should claim your software is Vista ready if it is only working with the 32 bit version. Vendors can not continue to ignore 64 bit hardware like they did with Microsoft XP.

Many ZoneAlarm users are reporting problems with Vista and the latest version of ZoneAlarm. From my limited experience I can't say that I can report these same issues. The clean install I did of the ZoneAlarm Security Suite seemed to work smoothly with Microsoft Vista Premium 32 bit. If something does come up. I will be the first to know. I have no doubt the client who I did the work for will not hesitate to contact me if a problem does arise. Honestly I don't think a problem will come up. This of course is not the first time that I haven't seen the problems that others are reporting. I've always wondered why that is. What I can say is that it isn't because I'm holding anything back. Anyone who has read here for any great length of time knows I will tell it like it is. No matter who I may or may not be affiliated with.

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