Tables power strips a premium at Blogher

One big difference between Gnomedex and Blogher is the access to table space and power strips. These are very limited at Blogher. At Gnomedex everyone who attends gets a space at a table and access to power. Here at Blogher only the people who get to the session rooms early will be getting access to a comfortable table to type on and power to make sure their devices run smooth and steady. The speakers don’t seem to be miced either. Which is making it a little hard to hear those that are making the presentation. Trying to type from my lap is driving me nuts. As well as not being able to use my mouse. Ok the presenters are miced it’s just not working very well. On the plus side the wireless seems to be working very well. Even though there are tons of geeks putting it to use right now. Another plus is they got the name on my pass right the very first year I attended. Unlike Chris Pirillo and company at Gnomedex.

Another downside to things is that everything is so spread out here and not easy to find. There are no directions in the hallways. Granted they do have maps included within the program for the conference. Either way it is an adventure trying to find the various components of the conference.

Update – the technical room doesn’t seem to have microphones – ok maybe they do and the people asking questions aren’t using them. I’m having to sit on the floor in this session. My back is killing me.

I’m at the Chicago City Centre Hotel for BlogHer

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