Amp’d Mobile going out of business

Amp'd mobile went into bankruptcy last month. I knew about this but had forgotten about it when I got home from Florida. So imagine my surprise when I refilled my pay as you go cell phone and I get a message saying my service may no longer be working in the next few days. The notice was only given in a text message. No email was sent. The notice was only a couple of days before the shut down was going to take place. The website when I refilled was still operating as normal. This company took the money to refill my account while knowing they may not be operating within the next few days. The Amp'd Mobile website for several days had no updates alerting customers that a shut down of service has about to take place. At this time the service is suppose to still be live. Amp'd Mobile is supposedly in negotiations to move their customers to another wireless provider.

Obviously Amp'd Mobile's assets are now up for sale. I have no real recourse to recover the money they have taken from me for a service they won't be providing to me. My pay as you go minutes will not transfer to any new provider I switch to. I have switched to the Verizon network but I am having problems here in Chicago with that service. Verizon Wireless was the backbone for Amp'd Mobile anyway. I did not port my Amp'd Mobile number to Verizon.I thought that would be to much hassle even though I would have liked to keep that number. I had no issues using the Verizon Wireless website to get my phone to work with their service. It worked for several days in Springfield with no issues. However now that I am in Chicago the service is no longer functioning. Verizon Wireless support swears you can only use Verizon Wireless approved phones with their service. My Motorola Hollywood supposedly is not on their current approved list. Even though I had no problems getting the phone activated and working using the Verizon Wireless website. It's even more odd that support would say the phone shouldn't work with the Verizon network. Considering the fact that Verizon was the wireless backbone for the Amp's Mobile service.

The Amp'd Mobile website still is functioning as if the company is still in operation. They do have the Amp'd Mobile service shutdown FAQ link in three places on the main page. But the fact remains the main website gives you no clue as to why you want to click on that FAQ link. There is nothing on the website that states that the company may be closing up shop and no longer offering wireless phone customers service very soon. All affiliate links are still active as well. I have to question the ethical nature of this. I have a $25 lesson to learn here. One – I should have remembered what I read in Florida. Two – maybe I should now check the financial health of companies I do business with on a regular basis. Amp'd Mobile may be an example of Bubble 2.0. This month at least two VOIP companies have called it quits as well. I say this may be Bubble 2.0 related do to the fact that some of the same mistakes of the past have been repeated. Including not building your own network, product or services. A ton of money was spent in a little under 2 years time.

Amp'd Mobile really didn't offer all that great of a customer service experience in most cases. Their website left a lot to be desired in regards to basic ease of use and functionality in regards to providing the customer with information and easy solutions. They of course are not alone in this regard. Many companies online and off don't understand ease of use and functionality. Especially in regards to handling customer service. With that said I did have some good customer service experiences with Amp'd Mobile before and after they switched customer service companies. Last month Amp'd Mobile changed who they used to provide customer service to their customers. I'm glad I never gotten around to writing up the positive and negative updated review I wanted to do. I would have felt bad if someone had chosen Amp'd Mobile for their cell phone provider do to my review. Normally that wouldn't be an issue. However in this case I would not be happy recommending a service that is now failing.

When I was in Florida I could not add minutes to our Amp'd Mobile phone. I tried doing so using their website and using the cell phone itself. This just wouldn't work. Cheryl contacted Amp'd Mobile support and told them what was going on and got a $40 credit to the phone. During this time we were waiting for our third phone to show up at our door. Our two previous Motorola Hollywood cell phones had problems. I think this may have been do to the fact that Amp'd Mobile was sending out refurbished units for their pay as you go service. Only after several weeks of being home from Florida did I in fact see the new cell phone show up. After several months of waiting for it to arrive. This time around I think they sent a new unit. Unfortunately I can no longer use that cell phone with their service. I may not even be able to use the phone with Verizon Wireless unless I can get the current technical glitches worked out.

As you can see there were bad and good moments with Amp'd Mobile. Now this will no longer matter do to the fact that the company is now selling off their assets.

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