In the beginning

I've finally broken down, after years of hearing about this thing called blogging. I finally decided to take a step towards taking part. The past couple years I'd thought about maybe giving a blog a shot. But since I'm far from an English major and my sentence structure tends to blow monkey chunks. I decided that a blog probably wasn't for me. There was also the subject of what to write about. A desire to write a personal blog had no real appeal to me. So I decided on the topic of what I do best – which is ranting. The title of this blog was sort of lifted from Dvorak Uncensored. But is extremely fitting in my case. I post often in online forums. Do to my work with ZoneLabs TeamZ and a general desire to help others. So a moderator edit now and then is sure to happen. This blog will give me a place to state my opinion freely without moderation. My rants here may not be English literature perfect. But they will be my own. Which is supposedly the true purpose of a blog. Or at least that is how they are hyped. As a tool for self expression and to put to use your right to free speech.

I'm aware the banner up top might not be blogging politically correct. But I'm only pc when I want to be. Yes the blog page is rather basic at the moment. I'm sure I'll tweak it when I feel like it. At this point though the page will be more about words than looks. Isn't that what is supposed to truly matter? I'm sure at a later date I'll add Google AdSense to the mix here. That is definitely blogging politically correct.

As a close to my first blog post. I'd like to personally and publicly thank ZoneLabs for their recent hospitality during our ( my girlfriend and myself ) visit to San Francisco and our trip out to Gnomedex 4.0.


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