Ask the Google Experts Breakfast Blogher were was it at

Yes the breakfast was here this morning. But no one from Google was speaking. From what I read on the Blogher website¬†I was expecting a Google representative to do a presentation this morning. I honestly wouldn’t have gotten up early this morning if I had known this wasn’t taking place. The Blogher website has not been update with the schedule information either. From what I’m seeing the hardcopy information is different than what is currently posted online. If I had known this I would have slept in. I guess it’s my fault for thinking the information was the same with the different sources. That said the Google representative at the Google table yesterday gave me a look like I was lower than dirt. On the plus side if I hadn’t gotten up this morning I would have missed the What Humans Do with Artificial Intelligence session. This has turned out to be one of the more worthwhile presentations of the Blogher conference for me so far.

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