Proof Microsoft may truly be lame

Instead of being cool like they are at Gnomedex. Microsoft is only giving away the good swag at their Blogher session. Which is a session I really don't have to much interest in. So if you want a chance at a Zune or a Bill Gates signed copy of Microsoft Vista. You will need to attend the How to Write Great Political Coverage: From Breaking News to Op-Ed presentation at Blogher today. How come Chris Pirillo can't get Microsoft to drop some swag like this at Gnomedex? I was hoping for free copies of Vista last year. Considering Microsoft gave us all beta copies the year before. Either way the end result will be no Bill gates signed swag or Zune in my future today. Someone will be lucky enough to receive this swag as long as they attend the right session today. Lame if you ask me. Attendees shouldn't be swayed to attend a presentation just for the chance to get some premium swag.

Anyone currently at Blogher have this?

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Microsoft swag jacket Longhorn Loves RSS 2.0 – Iggy Uncensored

How to Write Great Political Coverage: From Breaking News to Op-Ed BlogHer

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