It’s all over for Amp’d Mobile after Midnight tonight

It looks like the end has come for Amp’d Mobile. Their assets are set to be auctioned off. If your still an Amp’d Mobile customer and haven’t gotten your service switched to another carrier. You won’t have any cell phone service through Amp’d Mobile after midnight tonight. It looks like some Amp’d Mobile customers are having problems getting their current cell phone numbers ported to a new provider. I decided not to port the number on our pay as you go plan. I’m now using Verizon Wireless as my provider. So far I can say that Verizon Wireless needs to retrain their support staff. A major issue I had in Chicago they couldn’t resolve. Even said our phone shouldn’t work with their network. I figured out the issue on Sunday. More on that later. The Amp’d Mobile website still has the feel of being in business. I’m not sure if you could get a number if you went through the signup process. Either way I personally feel the website shouldn’t make it look as if the company is still providing service.

Amp’d Mobile going out of business

Amp’d Dies At Midnight – Assets being auctioned off…

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