Oglala Sioux Tribe at Mount Rushmore

Iggy at Devils Tower National Monument Wyoming

This is a tribe flag that was on display at Mount Rushmore. Previously this area hasn’t been opened to public when we have been there. Or there was no member of a tribe present. Man that was there today didn’t seem to want to engage me in conversation. Which was sad because even though our beliefs might have been different. I would tend to bet we had at least a few things in common.

I tried my best to get a conversation started. That didn’t work out to well although the person was polite enough. Many people do not understand that many tourist destinations are considered sacred ground. While I understand that not all things stay the same. Some amount of tradition and respect for that is good. What is definitely apparent is that there really isn’t any great amount of education going on. In some instances there is so much hate that no open communication is taking place.

Unless a conversation takes place then no one can learn or find a common ground. To many the hills of Mount Rushmore mean more than just some patriotic symbol. There are many who would tell you this is a shining example of all that is wrong in our country. What needs to be kept in mind is that it might be worthwhile to try and explore all cultures surrounding the tourist attractions along I-90 and elsewhere.

It wouldn’t hurt to actually explore the natural aspects of what surrounds Mount Rushmore. In that regard it looks as if a new nature trail is slowly being completed. I’m not sure many people know it is in the works. Or that parts of it are in operation now. For me this is an example of one small step to try and get people to look at other avenues. This should also give visitors one more option in regards to how to enjoy Mount Rushmore and its natural beauty.

Cheryl and I both feel we saw the guy who engaged me in conversation at the Quality Inn parking lot in Rapid City South Dakota last year. The man we saw at the rest stop didn’t say a word to me. However he did look in my direction. Maybe it wasn’t him. But both Cheryl and I had the same thought. Which at times is rare.

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