Iggy at Devils Tower National Monument Wyoming

Iggy at Devils Tower National Monument Wyoming

I’m not really happy with this picture to be honest. But last year I never got around to posting any pictures from Devils Tower. Since I have a laptop with me for the first time. I am trying to post at least one picture a day from what was taken.

I’ve previously done an article in relation to a Devils Tower product being found at the Illinois State Fair. Unfortunately this year will be the first time in many that I will not be attending that event.

There were several climbers on Devils Tower this year when we visited. Last year was first time we had gone to this natural national monument. That was the 100th year anniversary of Devils Tower. We weren’t aware of that until we pulled in. At that time in 2006 climbers couldn’t climb Devils Tower. This was do to Indian celebrations or religious ceremonies taking place that time of year.┬áThis natural icon is also known as Bears Lodge, it is a sacred site for many American Indians. If you would like to learn more about Devils Tower. Click the link to my previous story.

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Devils Tower at the Illinois State Fair

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