At the Edgewater Hotel 2007

I”m rather tired at this point. Drive from Spokane to here was short. But for some reason it has taken a lot out of me. I’m currently burning pictures to DVD so that I will have space on my media cards tomorrow. We have visited the Ballard Locks and Fremont Troll already. Dinner and drinks were at hotel bar. I’m currently sitting in my Edgewater Hotel robe typing his while looking out upon the water. This year we have been lucky enough to be upgraded to a waterside room. More on all of this later. I really need to try and get some sleep so I can be up early in the morning to start our day of doing tourist things.

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The Edgewater Hotel has been booked for Gnomedex 2007

My adventures in Seattle Washington

Finding the Fremont Troll in Seattle

Why are these people in the trunk

Edgewater Hotel teddy bear 2007

Never met her but I saw her in her undies

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