No spouse pass for Gnomedex 2007

This year I haven't seen any information on a spouse pass for Gnomedex parties. Granted we are only getting two instead of three this year. Maybe not enough people used this option last year. Even though it was very widely requested. This could be a cost issue. I've really wanted to do some writing about that. All I know is at Blogher the spouse pass was available for all events as far as I'm aware. Every night also had a party. The first Gnomedex in Seattle didn't have a Saturday night event. This just left things feeling a little less for some reason. When I first started attending Gnomedex. The price was low enough to buy a second ticket. So that my better half could attend the conference and the events. This isn't an option now do to the cost of a Gnomedex ticket. The Friday get together for this year is at the Seattle Aquarium.

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At the Edgewater Hotel 2007

The Edgewater Hotel has been booked for Gnomedex 2007

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