Geeks just aren’t polite

You know it's bad enough that I can't use the wireless network at Gnomedex. Now at lunch the network isn't being taxed. But what really aggravates me is when I come to sit down I get treated very rudely. Yes I was standing up taking pictures. Granted I had forgotten about the camera streaming the conference live. However all the person sitting behind me needed to do was be polite. Instead he very rudely asked me to sit down. Lets not mention that someone thought it was cool to put three Futura Laptop Desk Stands on top of my laptop. All geeks aren't evil. I've met some really cool friendly people over the years here. This doesn't mean that all is well in this social gathering. You have much of the same society traits that are present in the real world. People treat others they feel that aren't in their same social class like crap. If they don't feel your a player they treat you like garbage. Much like the the lousy attitude I just got from the person behind me. Let me be uncensored for a moment. I'm tired of people treating other people like assholes. It's one thing if someone has done something that deserves the attitude. Yet in most cases this type of situation is more about I'm better than you. And honestly I'm just tired of seeing this. For the record it's not just this conference. To me it's just a people thing that will never change unfortunately.

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