The world will end because your picture was taken

Here we go again. Everyone is freaking out about how the world will end if you post a child’s picture online. If a judge is stupid enough to give custody to another parent in a custody battle because the other posted the child’s picture online. Then this judge should be taken off the bench. I’ve seen the issue of how people react to having their picture taken in public. Many of those people would state they have a right to privacy in public. Yet these same people are the first to jump right in front of the camera when your taking a picture. In regards to family it is easy to find out how the feel about things. Just ask them. Yes in regards to young children later in life they may not be comfortable with their parents decision. The woman who got militant on the subject seemed to feel she was the only one here that attended Blogher. Granted she has been very involved with the conference over the years. But she is far from the only one who was present for some of the Blogher Chicago 2007 sessions that discussed this subject.

If photographers have to get written permission to include the general public in photos then no photos will get taken. Now the subject comes to John Edwards. Is a politician or someone in public eye should be aware that pictures will be taken of them that they may not like. Should we now have our rights to free expression taken away? Should all our pictures have to approved by the campaign before it goes live? No one seems to bring up the fact that your image is being recorded constantly while your in public by different types of monitors. Is this OK because you may not see this taking place or see the person who may view your image?

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If you stand on a street corner with a sign expect to have your picture taken

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