Preserve Triple Razor 100% recycled powered by yogurt cups

Preserve Triple Razor 100% recycled powered by yogurt cups

Preserve razors have greatly improved since I first started using them. It’s been a couple of years since my first purchase. The shaving experience previously was less than pleasant. I’d compare it to taking a cheap Bic and shaving your face with it. You’d be asking for a lot of nicks and cuts. The Preserve razor experience has been improved with the addition of a Vitamin E & Aloe strip on their Titanium-covered blades. I rarely get any nicks or cuts when using their product now.

For years I thought it was wasteful and ridiculous that disposable razor handles were just discarded. I always felt the plastic should be recycled to make something new not just waste away in a landfill. Not until I came across Preserve toothbrushes did I find a company that agreed with me. The company has gradually produced new products based upon the same cradle to cradle concept as the original toothbrush.

If your waste hauler doesn’t recycle #5 plastic – you have the option to send the used product back to Preserve. They provide a free shipping package. Fill it up and send it back to them for recycling into new Preserve products. This is an efficient and clever use of resources. It’s what more American companies should be doing. Unfortunately most Americans still have the use it and throw it away mentality. Manufacturers and marketing campaigns haven’t done much to encourage change. Even though doing so would make our Nation more efficient and self reliant.

There could be some debate about which is more Earth Friendly – a manual razor or an electric. It’s been years since I have used an electric. When I did I wasn’t happy with the results. I never felt like I got a close shave and my skin was always irritated.

I do have a problem with the Preserve packaging. I think when most people read it they would assume the product comes with two extra blades. This is how most razors are packaged. One on the handle two replacement blades. That isn’t the case with Preserve. It’s one on the handle one replacement.

The company that produces Preserve products is Recycline.

“All other plastic razors end up as landfill, but our Triple Razor is completely recyclable.”

“Preserve products are made from 100% recycled plastics and 100% post-consumer paper.”

“Unlike all other Preserve products which are made in the USA, our razor blades are assembled in Mexico.”

Another company that has taken the cradle to cradle concept seriously is TerraCycle.

Preserve Triple Razor System with Replacement Blades (Colors Vary)

Recycline Preserve Triple Blade Cartridges, 2 Blades (Pack of 3)

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