You have to create your own party

Chris feels that everyone has met enough other people now that they all want to go do their own thing. Personally I feel this thought does nothing but re-enforce the clique mentality of the have and have nots. Then again there are many attendees who just skip the conference parties. However I think that many of the attendees would agree that having multiple nights to network is the best concept. This would especially be true for those that are attending this event for the first time. It’s bad enough that no announcements were made in regards to a spouse pass this year. But now we are only getting two parties instead of three. Many would say unless I’m wiling to put up the cash as a sponsor then I shouldn’t complain. My opinion is based upon my past experiences at Gnomedex. Blogher had no problems making sure all attendees got to party each night of that conference. Are we now saying that Gnomedex is a lesser conference than Blogher? Is the status of this conference no longer held in the same esteem by advertisers? Do these companies no longer feel there is value for their brand in regards to Gnomedex? One of the best parts of Gnomedex has always been the parties. Especially since coming to Seattle.

Keep in mind that many people who attend these events could care less about where a party takes place. The attendees don’t even explore the space they are in. This interest me do to the fact that I thought geeks where supposed to be explorers. Over the years I’ve seen that geeks don’t seem to appreciate what is around them. These people also don’t seem to want leave their comfort zones. At the Seattle Aquarium Ponzi asked myself and a few others how we felt about our experience at the event so far. My one comment was about how I felt it was a shame that people didn’t explore the places where Gnomedex parties take place. I’ve mention several times in the past few weeks that we are all guilty of this at times. We don’t explore the cities we live in or we take things for granted. But successful geeks are jaded. In the past I’ve said time and time again that geeks just do the gig and leave. Most everything in between they ignore. This is especially true with well known geeks who speak often. They do the job then go catch the plane after getting the check or publicity they want. To me this is a very sad state of affairs.

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There was a Gnomedex spouse pass