President Abraham Lincoln Hotel Springfield Illinois

A few weekends ago my girlfriend had a wedding to attend and I wanted to avoid a local restaurant turning our neighborhood into a rock concert and a marathon track. So we decided to stay at a downtown Springfield hotel for the night. Last time we stayed downtown was at the Hilton on a night when the power went completely out. That would have been several years ago and was less than a pleasant evening. Interesting enough it was another wedding.

The President Abraham Lincoln Hotel has a long history in Springfield. For many years it operated as the Ramada Renaissance. It’s gone through at least one other name change. Recently all the financial drama related to the property has been cleared up. It had been probably a couple decades since I had last stayed there. The property has recently undergone refurbishment.

Checking into the President Abraham Lincoln Hotel went smoothly and was quick. You’d be surprised how hard it is to get checked into some hotels. This property no longer offers validated parking for guest. Last time I stayed here free parking for guest was standard. Getting into the elevator to head to our room – you can definitely tell this portion of the hotel hasn’t been remodeled. Years of wear and tear are evident in the elevators. Definitely don’t have the glitz they had at one time.

On our way to the room we noticed a lot of room service trays that hadn’t been picked up. This isn’t uncommon in hotels that offer this service. But it doesn’t really leave a good first impression when other guest leftovers are on display in the hallway.

When entering the room it looks in good shape. Nice colors – furniture doesn’t look beat up. But with a bit more inspection it looks like some things may have been rushed. Paint on the closet doors looks smudged. Old tiles were kept in the bathroom. In our room – 611 – those tiles definitely could have used a good cleaning and refresh. They looked very worn.

While I’m more than aware how hard a maids job is and how underpaid most of them are. The tub in this room needed some major cleaning. Tiles in tub area and on the floor looked like they had a bit of mildew. There was a stain of some sort in the front corner of tub. The ever present dark tub floor – rarely do hotels avoid this – was present. Maids normally aren’t given enough time to get their job done. Of course guest expect rooms to be ready without excuses. So it’s a bit of a catch 22.

Lets head over to the bed. You can see my one major pet peeve in the video. I don’t recall actually seeing this in a long time. No one wants to sleep with scratchy tags facing them. Why sheet manufacturers design things this way is beyond me. But it used to be fairly common to see in hotels.

One last issue with room quality. This happens often – where the room will have a paper pad no pen or pen no paper. In this case a notepad was there but no pen to write with.

There are few big pluses you rarely see in hotel rooms. The room had plenty of outlets. Granted many of them were in the lamp bases – but they were there!! This is one of the most overlooked aspects of room design especially nowadays with our gadget friendly society. I can’t count the number of times one side of the bed has power outlets but the other doesn’t. Wall outlets looked to be in good shape. That is also something I’ve seen a lot in hotels – wall plugs worn out with plates not properly attached to the wall.

All the lamps were using CFL light bulbs. This helps to save energy and reduce operating cost.

The room offers a flat screen television. It’s amazing how many supposedly “upscale” hotel properties still use tube TV’s. I’ve stayed in rooms recently that are still using older 19 inch models. Not only is this a complete waste of energy. It also isn’t providing your guest with a quality experience.

We got checked in mid afternoon. I was very hungry but wouldn’t be able to eat at the President Abraham Lincoln Hotel. Room service and restaurant hours are odd. This is a holdover from how things operated years ago. Unfortunately we checked in right between the end of lunch service and several hours before dinner service began. The only option available for a quick meal would have been Bennigan’s across the street in the Hilton. Since I didn’t feel like eating alone or heading out – I ended up and waited for room service operations to restart.

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