President Abraham Lincoln Hotel Springfield Illinois

The food ordering process went smoothly. Of course I ended up having to order right in the middle of a major televised horse racing event. So when the food arrived I was in a hurry. The employee who brought the order didn’t look to happy – not exactly the friendly type. Then again I was in a hurry and hungry – so I may not have been seen as a nice guest. Or maybe it was because I only added $5 on top of a mandatory 18% gratuity on a $30 meal. Doing the math that isn’t a bad tip at all in my opinion.

I ordered the prime rib medium well. Steak was cooked the way I wanted. This is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Getting a decently cooked steak can be a task. What I don’t understand is NO steak knife. I was expected to eat prime rib with a butter knife. I was hungry enough I didn’t care. For the price you get a lot of food and it’s good quality. After finishing the steak with sides and a very large salad it was actually almost to much food. Even though I hadn’t eaten all day.

All things considered we would stay at this hotel again. Luckily we didn’t choose to stay at the Hilton that weekend. A soccer tournament must have been in town. Everyone involved with that event were staying at the Hilton. From our room at the President Abraham Lincoln Hotel we could see all the young girls practicing / playing soccer in all the Hilton common areas. We also weren’t aware of the Dierks Bentley concert taking place at Prairie Capital Convention Center that evening. When that event let out the streets got crazy with screams, drag racing and other nonsense.

For the $100 price we got a fairly decent stay. The quality of the product could be slightly improved. Trust me when I say that there is an extreme variety in quality within the $100 to $150 a night price range. There is no longer consistency in brands. Standards within same hotel chain can vary greatly. We have stayed places charging $150 that are more like $35 a night rooms at best. Paid $100 a night for places that should be closer to $50 for a stay. Finding a quality hotel / motel property at a reasonable price has become a chore in America. Even when paying good money the experience can still be a disaster.

The past couple of years I’ve stayed at what would be considered by most – Springfield’s top 3 hotels. President Abraham Lincoln, Hilton downtown and Crowne Plaza. The first two would be a close tie for which one I would stay at again. The Crowne Plaza could definitely improve a few things. That would be my third choice of where to stay. Crowne Plaza Springfield in parts of rooms & common areas is showing age and needs a slight refurbishment.

Almost forgot about the small refrigerator tucked away below the TV. This is always a big plus in any hotel / motel room. I hate not being able to bring leftovers back to a room for later snacking at properties that don’t offer this amenity. It’s also nice to have if your bring your own drinks and snacks.

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Barack Obama leaving President Abraham Lincoln Hotel Springfield Illinois before he was America’s President. This was taken the day of Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign announcement in 2007.

Barack Obama leaving President Abraham Lincoln Hotel Springfield Illinois before he was America's President

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