President Abraham Lincoln Hotel Springfield Illinois

When we entered the bar area it was empty and no bartender. A very short time later a guy comes out a doorway and takes our order. We learned later that he is the cook and our bartender would be back soon. After a short time are bartender arrives. We ended up having a rather long conversation with her. During our Globe visit I saw the room service guy from my first visit cashing out for the night. I made mention of my room service experience on my last stay to the bartender. Both the cook and bartender provided us with good service and were friendly. Since the bar was closing at 10:30PM we decided to head back across the street to Bennigan’s for one more round.

That night it looked like both the President Abraham Lincoln & Hilton hotel had low occupancy. During my previous visit both locations were very busy. Granted a concert was taking place at Prairie Capital Convention Center and a soccer tournament was in town that weekend. On the 19th there were no events taking place downtown – which would explain the low occupancy rates. This was also the weekend before Thanksgiving.

The next morning we ordered a somewhat late breakfast from room service. We were given a 30 minute time frame – food showed up just a bit after that. The server was a different person than the one I had before. He presented the food explained a few things and even mentioned that the tip was included in the price. Of course we added to that tip. Breakfast quality was just as good as when I ate dinner from room service on my previous visit.

Here comes the negative part of our stay. It occurred as we were checking out. I’m very particular about checking a room before we leave to make sure nothing gets left behind. I actually checked our room after we had loaded our bags in the car. Image my surprise when I found something the maid must have missed. On the right side of the bed on floor hidden beneath covers where 2 sex cream containers – his & hers. These weren’t ours hadn’t been used by us. I’m still not sure how a maid vacuuming could have missed these. Then again when making the bed a maid should have caught this. This is definitely not something guest want to come across – for multiple reasons.

Since I didn’t make mention of this to my girlfriend until after check out – she couldn’t alert staff to this problem. Interestingly enough we knew the bellhop who checked us out. We weren’t aware this person worked there.

All things considered this was another good stay at the President Abraham Lincoln Hotel. Of course I could have done without finding strangers – previous guest leftover sex lube. Honestly I should have taken a picture of it with my phone – I was so shocked it slipped my mind. Normally most people either take these things with them, clean up after themselves or the maid cleans up the mess.

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