So you say Illinois isn’t tech enough

Time and time again I’ve asked how people can say Illinois isn’t tech enough. I’m sorry but it’s time for people to get their heads out their backside and come to terms with the fact that there is more to tech than Silicon Valley and Redmond Washington.

Many times I’ve mentioned how the internet browser got it’s start down the road from me. However we have more modern and up to date examples of how Illinois is holding it’s own in the world of technology. Anyone hear of the Chicago company Feedburner? Google in recent months spent a good amount of money to acquire this Illinois company.

It should also be mentioned that many well known technology companies have offices in Chicago. A company by the name of Navteq Corp makes their home in that city. You may not have heard of them but you may use their service without even knowing it. Do you use Garmin or Magellan products? Ever used the internet map services of Google, MapQuest or Yahoo? If you have you can thank the Illinois company mentioned above for some of the results you got.

Speaking of Yahoo. Can anyone say Champaign, IL? Yahoo is in the process of opening a engineering center in this Illinois city where the internet browser first got it’s humble beginnings. Laid off Motorola engineers will still have jobs thanks to Yahoo.

Are you enjoying that big screen Plasma television you may be lucky enough to afford? Thank some old school engineers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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Looks to me like Google and Yahoo share the same basic source – Navteq Corp. So I would say that proves my point further in that older article.

Did I forget to mention Blogher sure seemed well attended in Chicago this year?

I’m at the Chicago City Centre Hotel for BlogHer

If we are the new media. If we are the ones who have the power and control. Then why is that we are still playing by the same lame rules that have been in place for decades now?

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During the early sixties, the University of Illinois used regular televisons as computer monitors for their in-house computer network. Donald Bitzer, Gene Slottow, and Robert Willson (the inventors listed on the plasma display patent) researched plasma displays as an alternative to the cathode-ray tube-based televisions sets being used.

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