Blog Business Summit September 17-19 2007 Chicago

Ok should I yell at Tris or thank him for giving me a clue? This event is being held in the hotel I stayed at for Blogher. I was asked repeatedly by several people at the Winners Bar Grille when I would be back. I told them I wouldn’t make it back up to Chicago unless Cheryl either sent me back or came with me. Contrary to popular belief I am not rolling in the dough. Yes I’m aware that sounds odd to many people when they hear I just went on a three week vacation / business trip and stayed seven nights at Edgewater in Seattle. You’ll just have to trust me on this one. I’m actually planning on doing an article on the subject at a future date. So here I am with a dilemma. I’ve seen the conference topics. Even though it is multitrack which is way uncool. There are several topics that caught my eye. I’ve stated multiple times that more technology conferences need to come this way. As I stated with Blogher. I’d like to show my support for these conferences that come to my area. But coming up with about $600 for the conference then room, food and other cost so soon after Gnomedex – ouch. I’m fully aware of what I spent to go to Blogher. Cost would be similar for the Blog Business Summit. If train is actually running and on time that isn’t to big of a hassle. Getting a cab to Chicago City Centre Hotel isn’t that much of an aggravation or that expensive. Although every cabbie has no clue where the hotel is unless you call it old Holiday Inn. Which I found out is what The W used to be years ago supposedly.

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I’m at the Chicago City Centre Hotel for BlogHer