I’m attending Blog Business Summit 07 Chicago

It is official I will be attending Blog Business Summit 07 in Chicago, Illinois. Our credit line has to be close to maxed out. I really could use some money coming in very soon to pay the bills. For me however the choice is rather simple. If your going to consider this your business you have to interact with the players when possible. It could just be an illusion. But I think some people have finally decided that I'm not going away. So it may be time to at least act as if they are listening to me. Will the conference most likely teach me anything I haven’t learned over the years at Gnomedex? The chances are somewhat slim on that. While Blogher was well worth the money. I honestly didn’t hear to much I hadn’t already heard about. Yet there are many people in the industry I wouldn’t have had a chance to interact with if I hadn’t gone. That type of experience at times is worth the money spent in itself. I'll be attending Blog Business Summit 07 Chicago for all three days. I see no point in going up for just one day and missing out on all the other sessions. I’m in the process of booking the Chicago City Centre Hotel again for my stay.

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Blog Business Summit September 17-19 2007 Chicago

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This of course is another example of me supporting industry conferences that come to this region.

To use the BS1 code to book your room through the hotel website. You will have to select group reservations at the bottom of the reservations page. I wouldn’t think to do this considering I'm not booking a group. I’m just booking myself for the conference. So far the best rate I have found is through my Orbitz affiliate. $370 a night. The Chicago City Centre Hotel website states I'm to late to get the the promotional rate for the conference. However I can easily access the inventory area to see that rooms are still available. However none seem to be open for my last date of the 20th. This could be the reason I'm not able to get the conference rate. You would think I could at least get that rate for the first three days of my stay. Again this is a key example of hotels thinking in the old way of doing business. The Chicago City Centre Hotel has no business program to get better rates and room upgrades like The Edgewater in Seattle. Yet the Chicago City Centre Hotel expects me to may more than the Edgewater for a room that isn’t even near the same level of quality. The names of those that have booked rooms for the conference are also easily found within the inventory page. You would think this page would have a special password that only conference organizers could in fact access. I can access information that I assume is related to those attending. Such as full name, address, phone number and email address. This isn’t a very secure way to have things setup if this is truly attendee information. Anyone like confirmation numbers for their stay? I have access to that. Just by using the BS1 code to log into the Group Coordinator area on the group reservations page.

Blog Business Summit- Indv

Group Code: BS1
Attendee Code: BS1
Number of Attendees: 45
Check In Date: 09/16/2007
Check Out Date: 09/20/2007
Early Check-in: 09/15/2007 (Shoulder)
Late Check-out: 09/21/2007 (Shoulder)
Cut Off: 08/17/2007
Email Date: 08/24/2007
Payment Method: Attendee
CC at registration: No