Sometimes the bottom of your drink talks to you

Sometimes the bottom of your drink talks to you

Cheryl thought it was completely stupid that I saw a message on this napkin. But I wasn’t exactly feeling all that great or in the best of moods the day we were heading to Sioux City Iowa and stopped in Wall South Dakota to take pictures. This of course is the home of the famous tourist trap Wall Drug. While we have been in the city of Wall several times. We haven’t stepped foot into the well known and advertised Wall Drug. This picture and several others didn’t turn out as smoothly as I would have liked. The photo was taken at The Badlands Bar across the street from Wall Drug. Some Illinois bikers coming home from Sturgis were having some food and drinks when we entered the bar. Maybe the image wasn’t a message. And no this wasn’t some alcohol related thought. I had poured Coke from a can into the glass of ice. I’m more than aware of the many people that have gotten messages from the bottom of their glass by the end of the night. This wasn’t one of those cases. It was just something I saw as odd considering my mood that day. At times people can read more into things than they should. I just found this funny while Cheryl just rolled her eyes and looked at me like I was an idiot. Shows you what kind of mood she was in that day as well.

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