The front of the World Famous Beth’s Cafe in Seattle Washington

The front of the World Famous Beth's Cafe in Seattle Washington

This not the entire front of Beth’s Cafe. The main door is actually the red door you see on the right. When you walk in the cash register is on the right. In front of you – you will see a seating area and the grill. The rules picture I took last year and posted here will be right in front of your face as well. This year I actually had a young punker politely call me a poser. Under his breath he said to his friend “tourist”. I politely said back that there is nothing wrong with that my friend. Guess the locals don’t like it when out of towners make their way to Beth’s Cafe. There are few funny things about this though. The young man had no clue that I used to have many friends that looked just like him. This person also had no clue that this was our second time in two years eating at Beth’s Cafe. Our waitress last year stated her boyfriend had lived in the Springfield, IL area and still had friends here. The last thing this young man had no clue about. Is that I go around my hometown doing the same thing I did at Beth’s Cafe. Even at locations I’ve been to numerous times. Ask anyone – my camera is almost always by my side and working. If you head to Beth’s Cafe as a tourist don’t take lots of pictures. The locals will talk about you in a whisper. All that artwork on the walls shouldn’t actually be preserved in a photo you know.

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Here are the rules now follow them – Beth’s Cafe Seattle

Man vs Food visits Seattle and Beth’s Cafe

My adventures in Seattle Washington

Their website never seems to fully work for me.

Beth’s Cafe Seattle Washington

“Home of the 12 egg omelette”

All you can eat hashbrowns

7311 Aurora Ave N.


Phone: (206)782-5588

Beth’s Cafe – Seattle, Washington Celebrating 50 Years!

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