Our view from The Edgewater Hotel 2007

Here is what you would see if you looked straight out from our balcony at The Edgewater Hotel this year. I was lucky enough to be upgraded to a waterside with a balcony this year. Last year we had a cityside room with a balcony. If you look off to the left you will see the City of Seattle along with all the cargo loaders for the container ships. Off to the right is more water and islands. From this viewpoint you will see many different types of boats pass by. You will also hear the ferry whistle more than once a day. At times this can sound like an alarm clock that won’t shut off. As long as you don’t have any outside events going on at The Bell Harbor Conference Center. You will for the most part have peace and quiet. We had a large event going on at The Bell Harbor Conference Center when we stayed at The Edgewater. So noise was an issue during setup, the party and the dismantling of the event. This wasn’t a big issue though. Considering most of this took place during the day when we weren’t there. Keep in mind that boaters and the Argosy tour aren’t as friendly as they used to be. The first year we stayed at The Edgewater all the boaters waved. The Argosy or some other company had a party boat cruise at night. This ship would come by The Edgewater and everyone would wave. Getting that response this year was a chore. Even though the Argosy has a tour going by the hotel several times a day.

It was relaxing after a long day to come out and enjoy the fresh air at night. The area was very peaceful. I don’t think any of our neighbors ever stepped foot on their deck when we were out. So having your serenity invaded by other guest wasn’t an issue. Not that I think it would be to begin with honestly. If you’re interested in seeing a limited example of sea life. This location is a good place for that. You will also get a good variety of boats and ships. Many different cruise ships dock at the terminal that is in the same building as The Bell Harbor Conference Center and Odyssey Maritime Discovery Center. You will get an up-close look at what goes on in regards to load and unloading one of these ships. I was able to watch the crew clean the windows of a ship one day. Although there can be a very large amount of activity in the water outside your window. Come time for sleep the only thing you may hear is the nature outside your window. This will of course vary during the day.

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Our view to the left from The Edgewater Hotel 2007

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