Hamsters Mobile at Applebees SpearFish South Dakota Sturgis Rally

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Hamsters Mobile at Applebees SpearFish South Dakota Sturgis Rally

This one of the pictures I took of the Hamsters Mobile after it was parked at the Applebees in Spearfish, South Dakota. I can’t find to much information online in regards to the Hamsters. I did finally find a link that explains the whole Hamsters thing somewhat. As far as I’m aware this group has always been an invite only type of thing.

“Becoming a member isn’t easy. One Hamster explained you must ride with the group six or seven years and then the club will ask you to join. “You don’t just join,” this anonymous Hamster remarked.”

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One of the Hamsters poses for me at Applebees Spearfish South Dakota Sturgis Rally

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