Bikini Bike Wash Spearfish South Dakota Sturgis Rally

Bikini Bike Wash Spearfish South Dakota Sturgis Rally

Anyone who spent even a day in Sturgis, South Dakota for the yearly rally would tell you that there are a┬áton of Bikini Bike Washes available for you to choose from. This one was located outside of Sturgis in Spearfish. I honestly can’t remember where it was located exactly. We did a bit of driving around the Spearfish exit before agreeing on where to eat lunch that day. I had wanted to pick something up at a stand in Sturgis. But Cheryl was way hot and way grouchy at that time. Needless to say she was less than pleasant as we walked back to get the car. Our Sturgis experience didn’t last long. Time was very limited in regards to what we can do in a day on our Seattle trip each year. It was the Saturday before the rally officially started that we were in Sturgis. Most of the vendors had setup already and all the bars that are normally closed when we go through Sturgis were wide open and doing business. Spearfish is where we ended up stopping to look for food. That adventure ended at Applebees. Along the way I took several shots of this location and many others located along the Spearfish exit off of I-90.

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Shower House Bike Wash Sturgis 2007

Wham BAM Babe Bike Wash Sturgis Rally 2007

Hamsters Mobile at Applebees SpearFish South Dakota Sturgis Rally

One of the Hamsters poses for me at Applebees Spearfish South Dakota Sturgis Rally

Crazy Horse Sturgis Rally 2007

Rose Bud Sturgis Rally 2007