Wham BAM Babe Bike Wash Sturgis Rally 2007

Wham BAM Babe Bike Wash Sturgis Rally 2007

Yet another bikini bike wash setup. I can’t remember if I shot this set of photos out the car window or not. I think we were driving down the main street in Sturgis heading back out to the highway when I took a series of shots of this location.

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Bikini Bike Wash Spearfish South Dakota Sturgis Rally

Shower House Bike Wash Sturgis 2007

Crazy Horse Sturgis Rally 2007

Rose Bud Sturgis Rally 2007

Hamsters Mobile at Applebees SpearFish South Dakota Sturgis Rally

One of the Hamsters poses for me at Applebees Spearfish South Dakota Sturgis Rally

Sturgis Rally 07 Souvenir Biker’s Pocket Guide PDF

If you click the link above it will open a PDF file. The PDF makes several mentions of the Wham BAM girls.

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