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I've just finished making a switch of who I use to do my search results for my domain I'd used Atomz search for several years. They offered a really great free product. Their recent transition to placing Google Adsense ads above search results got me to thinking. Yes it was a fair trade-off for using their service. But why should they be making money off my ad space? This is what led me to Google AdSense for search. I figure if someone is going to get paid for my ad space it should in fact be me.

After switching a bit of code over. I began to test the new service and it's results. At first glance I'd say Atomz provided a little better results. Google does clearly state that sites / pages not listed within the Google index won't come up in your site search results. This is were Atomz has an advantage. Since the site owner determines what content gets spidered. With that said – both products offer very valid results. Since Google has much of my site within it's index.

My thought on Google Adsense so far is similar to The Great Google Ad Test. The ads just don't seem to really be matching the content discussed in the blog. Maybe over time this will in fact change. Results are definitely faring better for my content pages on my main site. Adsense seems to be picking up the page subject matter there with more accuracy. So to me it seems odd it would have an issue doing so with a blog.

It's extremely interesting to me. How in 1999 everyone was saying paid search was the craziest idea they had ever seen. And that it would be the biggest failure. Yet this is now the process that is making search companies profitable. Everyone stated Overture had it wrong. It seems they got something right back then. Since Yahoo bought them for $1.63 billion last year news link 2 3. Now Google has taken things to an even higher level with their product offering. Overture may have been the pioneer. But now all anyone can say is Google in regards to paid search. I'm interested to see if the product lives up to the hype.




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