Crazy Horse Sturgis Rally 2007

Yes I’m a poser and have no clue whose work this is. At the time I was just taking shots as quickly as I could. Many didn’t come out very good to be honest. But I was running really short on time and needed to get back to the car and get on down the road. This tent was located by where we parked. The parking area is where I took the Sturgis 2007 picture where I asked who is this. Unfortunately no one ever clued me into who the people in that picture where.

Update – I figured out the name of the bike and the company that built it.

Ok I’m an idiot this time around. I knew I recognized this bike when I took a picture of it. This ride was featured on the Biker Build Off series. Trevelen vs. Cox and Keino (Aired Feb. 15, 2007)

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Who is this Sturgis 2007 Red-Gladiator

Hamsters Mobile at Applebees SpearFish South Dakota Sturgis Rally

Iggy at the Bumpin Buffalo Bar and Grill Hill City South Dakota

Here is a list of all the competitors that were under the tent. Each company and the name on their bike entry is listed in Alphabetical Order. 

2007 World Championship Of Custom Bike Building

Customs at Champions Park, Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Sturgis-Events

Customs at Champions Park, Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Sturgis-Events link 2

Kiwi Indian/Super Company

Kiwi Indian/Super Company

4183 Fairgrounds St.

Riverside, California 92501

Kiwi Indian MotorCycles Blog

Kiwi Indian Super Company World & European Championship Registry