Springfield IL Amtrak station leaf fire

Just as we stepped up to the counter at Springfield’s Amtrak station – the ladies who had just left came back in announcing there is a fire. I stepped towards the window and confirmed there in fact was a fire. The Amtrak employee quickly headed out to determine the cause while on her phone notifying authorities.

The cause was reported to be leaves that caught fire most likely from a discarded cigarette. Originally five Springfield Fire Engines came to the scene. Along with four Springfield Police squad cars. The five engines got reduced to two once the situation was assessed. Channel 20 News SUV didn’t stick around long once they saw the fire wasn’t severe. From what we were told it could have been do to the location. This fire was close to equipment or items in the basement that could have caught fire and made the incident much worse.

Unfortunately this all took place when I didn’t have my camera. I have no video of the event to share. I did take a couple of photos of one fire engine with my phone. The Springfield IL Amtrak station recently received a long overdue refurbishment. Luckily none of that work was damaged this evening.

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