New Phix Energy flavors sugar free coming soon

Received an email yesterday that new flavors and sugar free versions of Phix Energy are in the works. Samples of these new products should be heading my way for tasting and review. I’d assume the sugar free blend will still be natural and not chemical based. Unfortunately most sugar free products are still using unhealthy chemical ingredients. Some of the natural alternatives are a bit harsh on the digestive track.

Many consumers aren’t aware that healthier good tasting drinks exist. A key reason for this is marketing and availability. Although some national chains have improved their selection of alternative brands – the more well known competition continues to dominate the average persons diet.

It’ll be interesting to see what approach the makers of Phix Energy have taken. I’m looking forward to seeing what the six new flavor options are. From the email photo I’d assume Berry Grape Sugar Free is one of these.

I really wish they would bring Phix Reload back. I personally preferred this over the packets. It would seem I was in the minority of customers who purchased the product this way.

Phix Energy drinks for an all-natural product that gives you smooth, sustained energy without crash or jitters.

Phix contains herbs traditionally used to help provide energy, including Yerba maté, green tea, and Eleuthero. It also contains minerals and vitamins that have been found to help prevent or treat fatigue in clinical research trials. Unlike other energy drink products, Phix is designed to provide both immediate and sustained support. The product uses only all-natural ingredients, and is safe and effective with daily use.

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