Bird taking flight

Bird taking flight

I really tried my best to sneak up on this bird. As the photos clearly show I failed. While looking out our bedroom window I saw the bird perched on our back porch. I ran to get my camera and tried to slowly move our kitchen blinds to get a few shots of this creature. As soon as the blind moved it took off and I almost didn’t get any pictures at all. These are the only two I captured.

This is the second year in a row I’ve come across an interesting bird in our backyard. Both years it has been during the Month of January. Not sure if this is a late season migration or the feeder that attracts them. Unfortunately – once again – I have no idea what type of bird this is.

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What type of bird is this in our backyard

2 thoughts on “Bird taking flight”

  1. Hi Iggy, That would be Cooper’s Hawk, not so long ago endangered breeder in remote forested areas of Illinois far away from humans. Something in their “culture” changed and discovered that nesting in towns both large and small provided better food base due to bird feeders, these are bird eating Hawks. They are year round residents here and now really common. When I took Ornithology in the 1990s they were endangered. Now folks just complain about them eating their feeder birds. Rhetta Jack, Springfield

  2. That was the suggestion given for the one last year – photo is the last link above. Right off hand both birds looked different to me. Coloring was definitely different in my opinion. I’ve just found it interesting that once a year around the same time I come across an interesting bird hanging out in the yard. Never seen this any other time of year.

    Either way – appreciate your reply.

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